Community Land Trust

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Newtown Community Development Corporation: Community Land Trust

Here’s how it works. You are able to purchase a completely renovated Community Land Trust (CLT) home for a significantly lower price because the land remains part of the Land Trust. In exchange, when you decide to sell your home you agree to sell it for an affordable price. This allows another individual or family to have the same opportunity as you and to achieve their dream of home ownership.

Why Buy a Community Land Trust Home

• Affordable – sales price is based on a monthly payment that is affordable for you.
• Quality – extensive professional rehabilitation is completed before you buy the house.
• Support – help with initial purchase & on-going support to help ensure your success as a homeowner.

Two Ways to Buy a Community Land Trust Home

1. Buyer Driven (most common)
– You select a house to buy (within a specific area and according to certain requirements)
– Newtown buys the house and completes rehabilitation
– You purchase the house from Newtown
2. Existing CLT Home (view homes for sale)

You Can Currently Buy Community Land Trust Homes in the Following Areas:

• Chandler – limited NSP area (Click here for map)
• Glendale – 85301, 85302, 85303
• Tempe – anywhere
• Scottsdale – 85250, 85251, 85257